Our team released new mobile game for kids. WipeIt game based on AIR and use Starling for Stage3d rendering.

An interactive learning game for kids aged 1+.

At 1 year old, children develop finger movements and cognitive activities. They investigate, learn and understand the world around them, learn the colors.

In this funny animal learning game, children can “paint” colorful animal pictures by sliding their fingers over one-color contour images. What’s also important, you won’t have to wash paints off your your child’s skin and clothes!

The game has a simple, intuitive interface that allows children to play without help from adult. It also supports multitouch, allowing you to complete tasks together with your child.

Even at 3, children will enjoy this game and play more deliberately, accurately outlining the actual animal contours.

Here is link to the google play store:


iOS version is in Waiting For Review state. I hope it will be reviewed soon.

This week our snake game remake was finally released at inspirit-flash-games.com. Our team has decided to self-distribute this mini game, instead of selling primary/exclusive license sponsorships (this moment we accept site-lock bids only). Self-distributing will allow us develop better promotional strategies for our next game, which is on the way already.

Bulldozer Snake is based on the use of classical snake-game mechanics, though there are lots of enhancements. Main game goal is to collect as long trailer-tail as possible and deliver it to the base.

Short gameplay video:

Features which slightly differ our game from legendary ancestor:

  • Vehicle (snake-head) moves freely and turns smoothly throughout the gaming area (no tiles).
  • To make tail longer a player needs to collect cargo-items, each of them takes 25-100% of trailer capacity. When the tail becomes long and bulldozer hardly moves forward a player can deliver cargo to the base.
  • The more trailers bulldozer carries the more fuel it consumes. You need to control fuel-level and refuel periodically.
  • The musical environment depends on the number of trailers carried by bulldozer and becomes more complex as the tail-length grows.
  • Game has a simple achievements system and several types of bonuses to enliven the gameplay.

Play Bulldozer Snake and feel free to leave your comments.

Previous posts focused on Sokoban game like simple Prototype and then prototype with textures was prepared without refreshing any documentation for A3d.

Well I checked A3d examples and found that there is SkyBox feature. And it is really easy to add animated characters to scene, and then choose prepared animation. And it is better to fix axes before use and etc… Good experience for future to read manuals before coding.
Black voodoo manipulations with camera angles now removed, because all axes became native for A3d engine.

Now camera have free mode too, use F button to activate that mode, then use W,A,S,D and mouse to control camera.

Other controls are the same, keyboard arrows Up, Left, Right.

Here you can check latest sokoban version with animated guy:

This movie requires Flash Player 9

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Emanuele Feronato added textures and some environment to Sokoban game prototype made with Flare3D.

I reproduced this prototype on Alternativa3D engine. And here you can find it:

This movie requires Flash Player 9

Generally this port is bit different from Emanuele’s version. I can’t find information about feature like SkyBox in Alternativa3D, so this feature coded manually. Another difference is camera behavior. Emanuele binds camera to object and during rotations player object stand still and only camera fly around by its orbit. In Alternativa3d version object rotates too, this allow us to face player object it to it’s current direction. Camera is not binded to the object directly it is binded to object container and we can manipulate with player object in container, add animations, rotations etc. But both variants are good I think.

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Emanuele Feronato italian geek and PROgrammer prepared two great blog posts with Sokoban game prototype. As all of his examples Sokoban prototypes have good code and can be clearly understood.

Here are links to them:

Flash 3D Sokoban prototype with Flare3D
Flash 3D Sokoban prototype with Away3D

We have reproduced this prototype using Alternativa3D engine. Alternativa3D is intended for displaying 3D graphics in the Flash Player environment. The possibilities with Alternativa3D are comprehensive and diverse. The technology is widely used in different spheres ranging from 3D websites to multiplayer browser games and applications for social networks in full 3D.

And here is the result:

This movie requires Flash Player 9

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Handy Unicode range generator for font-embedding into AS3 and/or Flex applications. Read more…

Flex contains configuration file, flex-config.xml, located at "/Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4/sdks/4.0.0/frameworks/flex-config.xml". The file is used in the compilation phase, and options defined in it are read and applied by the application complier.
You can modify this file, to bring some of its options into play. You also may use separate custom config file, which can be sent to compiler as a parameter.
It is also possible to create local configuration file, placed in the folder containing main application file (AS class, or MXML file). Configuration file must be named the same as application file plus "-config.xml" suffix. Mxmlc automatically searches for a local configuration file in that folder.:

Configuration files will be read in the following priority (highest first):

  1. Options set in the command line have precedence over all other configuration files options;
  2. Options from custom configuration file, specified by load-config compiler option, have precedence over local configuration file;
  3. Local configuration file has higher priority than flex-config.xml file;
  4. flex-config.xml file has the lowest priority.
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Operating with embedded graphics and fonts of flash application during development is significant, since unique cross-browser (and cross-platform hopefully) look is one of key RIA/flashgame features. This article reviews font embedding for pure AS3 project, as it's the most universal way for embedding. Flashplayer uses device fonts for textfields by default. So if you specify the font property of TextFormat object, then the given font must be available on device where flash-application is running. If the preferable font is missing, default system font is used. You should embed the font to assure the font is displayed properly on any computer. Embedding gives some more advantages: font symbols can be rotated, fonts provide smoother playback when zooming, fonts are anti-aliased. The following font file types are supported by Mxmlc compiler for embedding:

  • TrueType fonts (*.ttf);
  • OpenType fonts (*.otf);
  • TrueType Collections (*.ttc);
  • Mac Data Fork Fonts (*.dfont);
  • Mac Resource Fork TrueType Suitcases (don't have file extension).
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