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Mobile Games:

  • WipeIt

    WipeIt gameplay image

    An interactive learning game for kids aged 1+. In this funny animal learning game, children can paint colorful animal pictures by sliding their fingers over one-color contour images.

  • Sticker Book

    Sticker Book image

    Fun and educational game for kids with bright colorful pictures. This game should be good for kids from 2 years old. Game play is simple and intuitive. By moving the stickers on the playing field and finding it's place, kid grow his fine motor skills, creative thinking and memory.

Flash Games:


Bulldozer-Snake gameplay image Bulldozer-Snake gameplay image Bulldozer-Snake gameplay image

Drive your bulldozer, collect various items, deliver cargo to the base. Avoid trailer collisions and don’t run out of fuel! Power-ups and progressive multipliers give you a chance to win the challenge. The musical environment directly depends on the length of the snake’s tail.


3d-sokoban gameplay image 3d-sokoban gameplay image 3d-sokoban gameplay image

3d sokoban is a traditional sokoban puzzle set in a 3d environment. Starting from easy levels, the game gets harder with each solved level. To be successful when playing follow 4 simple rules: push only one box at a time, bear in mind that box can’t be pulled, dont try to move through boxes or walls, locate all boxes at marked storage locations for a minimum number of steps.


  • Inspirit Flash Games

    This is the place where everyone can play online browser games for free. Though this site focuses mostly on arcade and action, it has plenty of other game genres too, including adventure games, strategies and puzzles. Our editorial staff carefully selects each game, to offer you the best games available. You don't have to register on our site to play games, but registered users get some additional features, like joining the ranking list and messaging other users.


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